Team-level, project-level, and realized attributes

A team is the top-level organization in Advanced Server Access, and a project is an authorization scope that controls access to a collection of resources, such as Linux servers. All users and groups have their required attributes set automatically at the team level if they're not customized. The team-level values are then used as the default values for those users and groups across all projects.

Although Advanced Server Access configures values for all required attributes, sometimes it becomes necessary to provide different values for your users and groups. You can set user and group attributes at the team level or at the more granular project level.

You can set per-project attributes that override the team-level settings for a user or group on that project. The team-level settings will be used on all projects that don't have any per-project attributes set.

You can set team-level attributes on the Advanced Server Access application panel in Okta, and project-level settings from the Advanced Server Access dashboard.

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