Common system tasks

Access Gateway application administrators perform a number of common tasks. Typically these tasks involve adding applications, however often applications require additional policy, changes to application behavior and other modifications.
The following task list includes common Access Gateway administrator tasks.

Task(s) Description

Backup and restore

Access Gateway configuration can be backed up(stored) and restored to local, non-appliance based disk.
This task describes the process of backing up and restoring Access Gateway configuration.
See also About backup and restore.

Download logs

Access Gateway supports downloading system logs.
This task describes the process of downloading and expanding logs locally.
See also About Access Gateway logs

Configure log forwarders

Access Gateway supports log forwarding to systems such as Graylog.
This task describes the process of configuring log forwarders.
See also Administer logging

Upgrade latest workflow

Selective upgrade workflow

Access Gateway can get ungraded to the latest version or to an intermediate version.
These tasks describe the process of selective (intermediate version) and traditional (latest version) upgrade.
See alsoUpgrade Access Gateway

Manage trusted domains

Trusted domains, sometimes referred to as trusted origins, define a set of top level domains that Access Gateway are allowed for redirects.
See alsoAbout trusted domains


Proxy - should be in the OAG general tasks list.

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