Configure OAuth and REST ShareFile Integration


  1. Create an administrator account in ShareFile. You will use this account to create OAuth consumer key and consumer secret used in ShareFile REST API V3 integration.
  2. Generate your API Keys:
    • Go to in order to create new OAuth credentials. Log in if necessary.

    • Click Create New.

    • Application Name: Give your integration a name.

    • Redirect URI: Enter

    • Click Generate Api Key. You will see your API Keys as a table. Get your Client Id and Client Secret. They will be used to configure provisioning later.

  3. Enable ShareFile REST API V3 Early Access Feature in Okta:
    • In the Admin Console, go to Settings > Features.
    • In the Early Access section, locate and enable Enable newest ShareFile REST API V3.

Configuration Steps


  • Previously configured basic credentials (admin username and password) will be used for any provisioning operation until you populate the OAuth credentials in Provisioning > Integration section. Once you enable the Enable newest ShareFile REST API V3 feature only OAuth settings are displayed and previous authentication mode settings are hidden.

  • If you haven’t configured basic credentials (admin username and password) previously, and haven’t configured OAuth credentials yet (the next step), you will get an invalid API credentials error for any provisioning operation.

  • You can switch back to basic credentials (admin username and password) workflow by disabling 'Enable newest ShareFile REST API V3 feature (Settings > Features).

  • If you previously entered basic admin credentials, you don’t need to enter them once again. Otherwise, you can enter them in Provisioning > Integration.

  • Push Profile Update is supported only for First Name and Last Name fields

  1. In Okta, select the Provisioning tab for the ShareFile integration, then under Settings, select Integration.

  2. Enter the following:

    • OAuth Consumer Key: Enter the Client Id you generated earlier (see Requirements).

    • OAuth Consument Secret: Enter the Client Secret you generated earlier (see Requirements).

  3. Click Authenticate with ShareFile. This open a new window.

  4. Enter your account's subdomain, click Continue, then enter an administrator Username and Password.

  5. Click Save to save your OAuth configuration.

Your ShareFile integration is now authenticated.