End User Setup

After you have configured OMM, you must configure one or more Mobile Policies as described in Configuring Mobile Policies.

After you've set up your security policies, your users can sign in to Okta Mobile to enroll. For end-user enrollment instructions, see Okta Mobility Management - End User Setup .

Help end users understand their privacy status

Beginning with Okta Mobile 5.0 for iOS and 2.16.0 for Android, an enhanced enrollment flow helps your end-users understand their device privacy status when their device(s) are enrolled in OMM. This makes it easier for end users to distinguish private data from data that is company-accessible.

End User Configuration

The following steps assume that you have enabled OMM and created one or more mobile policies. For details about creating policies for iOS or Android, see Configuring Mobile Policies.

Once you have enabled policies for your end-users, they will immediately be prompted with the following enrollment flow when they sign into Okta Mobile.

End users have three options to proceed:

  • Get Started begins the end user enrollment of OMM.
  • Learn how we protect your privacy provides a list of admin accessible data on the end-user’s device, once connected, as shown below.
  • Skip allows users to come back later.

If the end user chooses to skip enrollment, they are immediately brought into their Okta App page. Selecting Learn More takes them back into the OMM starting page, allowing them another opportunity to enroll. This can also be accessed from the app Settings section of the app.

Once enrolled, end-users can view their device status from the Settings screen. From here, they can also re-enroll if they have previously un-enrolled from OMM.