Okta Service Mode

Your Okta service can be in either active or read-only mode.

Active mode is the normal, expected state of the Okta service. All data writes are possible and customer jobs are unaffected.

Read-only mode, which is extremely rare, indicates a reduced functionality state of the Okta service. You only experience this mode if there is a temporary issue with your org, or if there is a planned maintenance event, for which you would have advance notice.

When your service is in read-only mode, you can expect the following behavior:

  • Your Admin Console will display the following message:
  • Admin actions involving data modifications (Creates, Updates and Deletes) will NOT work via the User Interface or API
  • Jobs, both scheduled and on-demand, are suspended
  • Existing end users will be able to authenticate, but will NOT get profile updates during this time, First time sign-in for new end users will NOT work, this includes JIT provisioning flows. End-user self-service functionality beyond authentication and SSO, such as password and MFA resets, account unlock and editing settings will NOT work.
  •  The following areas will continue to work:
    • Sign-ins, multifactor challenges/responses, SSO operations (both IdP-initiated and SP-initiated flows)
    • Creating OpenID Connect and API Access Management tokens (ID, access, and refresh)
    • API Session creation and OpenID Connect and API Access Management token flows