Okta collecting product feedback from end users

To improve customer satisfaction and the user experience, and to help customers and users implement appropriate security practices, Okta may prompt your end users to share their feedback. Any feedback or information that is provided to Okta by the user in response to such communications shall not constitute Customer Data, and any such feedback may be used by Okta to improve our products and services. You can select to opt out from such communications by updating your preferences on the Settings page of the Okta Admin Console. If you opt out, Okta will not send such communications to your Org’s users.

NPS® Prompt on End User Dashboard

If permitted, Okta will prompt the end users to quickly rate their experience with Okta. The response will be measured on the Net Promoter Score® scale. End users may also provide explanation for their rating and choose to be contacted by Okta about it. Sharing feedback is voluntary and end users can choose not to participate.

Opt out of Okta user communication

  1. Go to Settings > Customization > General > Okta User Communication> Edit.
  2. Select Opt Out of Okta User Communication for this org.
  3. Click Save.