Configure a custom Okta-hosted sign-in page

When end users attempt to sign in to your applications, they're redirected to an Okta-hosted sign-in page. You can customize this sign-in page to provide a seamless user experience that fits your brand. The Custom Sign In page contains a Sign-In Widget and an embedded HTML editor to help you get started.

About admin roles for these tasks

You must be a super admin or an org admin, or have a role with customizations permissions.



Customize domain and email address The custom sign-in page is available to end users only when they sign in to Okta through your custom URL domain.
Style the Okta-hosted Sign-In Widget You can add any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to the sign-in page and also customize the sign-in page per application and with multiple brands.
Customize your sign-in page Customize the heading, field labels, and help links.

The latest versions of Safari and Firefox block third-party cookies by default. Your applications may be impacted if they rely on a cookie from an domain to maintain a session on a non-Okta domain. See FAQ: How Blocking Third Party Cookies Can Potentially Impact Your Okta Environment.

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