Configure the Okta Browser Plugin (end-user settings)

To configure Okta browser plugin, click the gear icon in the plugin. End-users can configure the following options in the Okta browser plugin. Configuring your settings can provide a mulititde of benefits, such as preventing your browser from saving passwords, getting password recommendations when signing up for services, or initializing prompts to save your apps on the Okta End-User Dasbhobaord.

Okta Plugin Settings


Option What it does
Recommend secure passwords for apps The plugin will recommend secure passwords when end users register for new apps and/or reset app passwords (assuming these features are enabled for your org).
Prompt to save apps to your Okta dashboard

The plugin will offer to save your app credentials and create the app on the Okta End User Dashboard when they:

  • manually log in to an app (whether in the OIN or not) that is not already on their dashboard
  • register for an app that is in the OIN but not already on your dashboard

After they click the submit button (for example, login or register button), the Okta browser plugin detects the action and offers to save the app.

Advanced settings




These settings are provided for troubleshooting purposes. Changing these settings may cause unexpected behavior or compromise the security of your system.


Option What it does
Enable Okta Plugin logs Displays Okta plugin activity on the developer console.
Use local JavaScript

Configures the plugin to use the local version of the content script embedded in the plugin instead of the latest content script that is typically obtained every time you visit the Okta dashboard.

This is helpful if there is a problem with the latest content script downloaded from Okta servers.

Enable plugin account chooser Improves security by prompting end users with an active Okta session to trust or reject subsequent Okta accounts the first time they access those accounts. For details, see Switch between multiple accounts using the plugin (Documentation for end users).
Reset Okta plugin Refreshes the plugin cache if there's a problem with the plugin.


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