Setup the Okta Browser Plugin to work with Firefox Containers


The Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension allows for you to minimize distractions and categorize the websites you use while browsing. Use the following steps to enable the Okta Browser Plugin to work with containers, allowing you keep your SWA apps organized within your browser.


Ensure that you have added the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension to your browser before beginning.


  1. Click the Firefox Containers Icon in your browser.
    Firefox Multi-Container Menu
  2. Select a container that you want to assign to Okta, and a new tab should created within that container.
  3. Navigate to your Okta Home and then click the Firefox Containers Icon again.
  4. Check the box for the Always open in option to assign the browser plugin to that container.
  5. Confirm your container assignment when prompted by checking the box next to Remember my decision for this site and then clicking the Open in button.
    Note: If you do not check the Remember my decision for this site option, you will receive this prompt every time you use a SWA application.
    Firefox Multi-Container Prompt


  • Navigating to a SWA App Directly - If a user navigates to a app managed by Okta directly, whether it be through a bookmarked link or a web search for an exact address, the website will not be categorized into a container.


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