Manage Apple Push Notification (APNS) Certificates

You can use the Apple Push Certificates Portal to renew, download, or revoke APNS certificates.

Before you begin

Obtain your Apple ID


  1. Navigate to the Apple Push Certificates Portal, here: (you need your Apple ID to log into this portal).

  2. If you have previously configured one or more certificates, they will be listed in the portal, as shown below. You can Renew, Download, and Revoke APNS certificates from this portal.

    Important: Okta does not recommend the Revoke option. If you revoke a certificate, all your end users will subsequently need to re-enroll in Okta Mobility Management.

    User-added image

  3. Click the information (i) icon to view details (highlighted in yellow below) about each certificate. Use this information to compare certificates in this portal to the one in Okta.

  4. User-added image