Pre-configure Managed Application Configuration

Okta can send pre-configured key-value pairs to all managed apps installed by Okta Mobility Management (OMM).

You create a configuration field name, value, and data type when uploading to OMM. These values are sent to the managed apps when end users choose to install them.

Not all apps support the configuration of key-value pairs.

  1. From the End-User Dashboard, select ApplicationsApplication-nameMobile.

  2. Click the Edit icon next to the application you want to preconfigure.

  3. In the Preconfigure section, click the Add keys (iOS) or View Keys (Android).

    For Android for Work apps, keys are pre-populated, but you can still view them.

  4. Complete the following (for Android for Work, these fields are read-only):

    • Key: Enter the name of the key to pre-configure for the selected app.

    • Data Type: Enter string, integer, boolean, or *multi (*Android for Work only).

    • Value: Enter the value you want to pre-configure for that key. The value must match the Data Type.

    • Click Add Another to add another key-value pair (iOS only).

    • Click Save.

Use Expression Language

Managed App Configuration supports light weight Expression Language. To send a user's username instead of a constant string, use appuser.userName. For details about using SpEL with Okta features, see Okta Expression Language.