Add certificate validation application

Access Gateway applications . . .
Description of the application in question.


In this architecture . . . .

Before you begin

  • Add a list of all required DNS entires
  • Appropriate DNS entries for both the header application and the external exposed new URL exist.
    https://application.headerapps.comLegacy application URL.
    https://gw-application.replaceinternal.comProtected application URL.
  • Determine all required header attributes required for authentication.

Typical workflow



Create a containing group
  • Best practice, create an optional group to be assigned to the application.
Create header application
  • Create a header application which defaults to the shared common back end.
Assign certificate to a portal application
  • Assign an optional certificate to the application.
Add additional attributes
  • Add optional, but often necessary, additional attributes to the application.
Add required access policy
  • Add all required policy for all serviced URIs
Test the application
  • Test the application using header and policy simulation.

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