Initialize Access Gateway Admin UI console

The purpose of this guide is to walk through the process of initializing the configuration of your Access Gateway using the Access Gateway Admin UI console.

To initialize the Access Gateway Admin UI console:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to https://admin/.



    Okta Access Gateway creates a default self-signed certificate, which is appropriate for non-production deployments.
    For production deployments, a valid certificate should be installed.

  2. Sign in to the Access Gateway Admin UI console with the following credentials:

    Username: admin
    Password: <default-password>
  3. Enter a cookie domain and hostname for the Access Gateway instance, and click Next.



    The values cookie and hostname are typically of the form:

    Cookie domainThe name of the domain without
    Access Gateway HostnameCookie domain prefixed with [gw]


    Setup wizard page 1

  4. Click Done.

  5. Return to the Access Gateway browser and sign in again using the new admin domain.

  6. After signing in, you are directed to the Access Gateway Admin Topology page.

    Topology page