Add a SAML Auth Module

An SAML Auth Module can be used to add a secondary authentication relationship between Access Gateway and a SAML provider.

To get started add an Auth Module as described in Add an Auth Module selecting SAML.

After selecting SAML the Add New Auth Module page will be displayed, configured for SAML Authentication.

  1. Enter the following details:
    NameName used to identify the Auth Module.SAML AM

    Local IDP Domain

    A known SAML domain. Used to general metadata shared with the authenticating IDP.



    Set of attributes provided to Active Gateway as part of the IDP assertion

    name id


    Optional description

    SAML Auth Module

  2. Click the Not Validated ()button when complete.
    Okta Access Gateway will validate the connection.
    On success the button will turn green () and show that the connection is valid.
  3. Once complete click Okay to complete the creation of the Auth Module or Cancel to cancel.