Configure applications for testing

Under normal circumstances the Protected Web Resource field of an application defines the resource being protected.
However, this field can be used with special values to signal to Access Gateway to provide general troubleshooting and diagnostic information.

Access Gateway applications can be configured to behave like sample header and sample policy applications by entering a special value for the Protected Web Resource file.



To configure an application for troubleshooting/debugging:

  1. Sign in to your Access Gateway InstanceAn instance, or computer instance, is a virtual machine (VM) or individual physical computer, used to host a software appliance..
  2. From the Topology tab or the Applications tab open the application.
  3. Select the Settings pane.
  4. Expand the Essentials sub-tab.
  5. Change the Protected Web Resource field to one of the following:
    https://header.service.spgwWhen running a test, display information related to the header, cookie, session, and other information.
    https://policy.service.spgwWhen running a test, display information related to application policy.
  6. Expand the Advanced sub-tab.
  7. Set the Debug toggle to Enable.
    The debug toggle, which can be found in the Advanced application settings.
  8. Click Done when complete.


To test the application:

  1. Select the Applications tab.
  2. On the row containing the application to test click Go to application > SPAn acronym for service provider. Generally, an SP is a company, usually providing organizations with communications, storage, processing, and a host of other services. Within Okta, it is any website that accepts SAML responses as a way of signing in users, and has the ability to redirect a user to an IdP (e.g., Okta) to begin the authentication process. Initiated.
  3. If required, sign in.
    Results, depending to whether header or policy was selected will display.
  4. For policy based testing, update the URL to add an appropriate path and resend the request.
    In this example, the /public path was added.
  5. The result of applying the current user and policy will be displayed.
Important Note


Debug mode, when enabled on production applications, can have serious performance impact. When complete, always reset the Protected Web Resource field and disable the Debug mode toggle.