Understanding Okta Access Gateway

Okta Access Gateway is one of several elements required to secure applications, including:

Access Gateway Components

The Access Gateway solution is implemented within a customer’s infrastructure, and can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or within a hybrid solution. It’s provided by Okta as an Open Virtual Appliance (.ova) file.

The architecture of Access Gateway includes:

  • Your Users - Represented by a directory service
  • Okta Org - Your Okta organization
  • Load Balancer(s) - One or more load balancers
  • Access Gateway instances - One or more access gateway instances
  • Application Resources - One or more protected resources.

In addition, Access Gateway can be made fault tolerant through the use of secondary stand by implementations

Example Architectures

Typical Tasks

The following include typical first tasks performed by an administrator to install and configure an initial instance of Access Gateway.