Launch Okta Access Gateway and Obtain an Elastic IP address

There are two post important steps required to complete the Access Gateway import process.

  1. Launch an instance
  2. Obtain an Elastic IP address

Launch an instance

  1. In a browser navigate to AWS and login with an appropriately privileged account.

  2. Select Services.

  3. In the Compute section select EC2.

  4. In the left navigation pane, under IMAGES, click AMIs.

  5. Select the Okta Access Gateway AMI and click Actions > Launch.
    The Launch Instance wizard will start.

    1. In the Choose an Instance Type select an appropriate Type, then click Next: Configure Instance Details.
      For development purposes t2.micro is sufficient.  Consult the capacity planning pages for instance sizing information.

    2. Skip forward to security configuration by clicking 6. Configure Security.
      Configure security group

    3. In the configure security step create a new security group containing three rules for SSH, HTTP and HTTPS with values:

      Type Protocol Port
      SSH TCP 22
      HTTP TCP 80
      HTTPS TCP 443
    4. When complete the new rules should resemble: 
      Configure rules

    5. Click Review and Launch.

    6. Click Launch.

    7. In the Select an existing keypair dialog , choose Proceed without a Keypair, set the Acknowledge check box and click Launch. .
      Note: It can take anywhere from 3-5 minutes for your instance to launch.
      Launch w/o a keypair

    8. Click View Instances and wait for the instance to start.

Obtain an Elastic IP address

  1. In the left navigation pane, under NETWORK & Security, click Elastic IPs.

  2. Click Allocate new address.

  3. .Select Amazon pool and click Allocate.
    A new address will be allocated.
    Click Close.

  4. Select the row associated with the new Elastic IP address and choose Actions > Associate.

  5. In the Instance dropdown select the newly started instance and click Associate.
    Associate Elastic IP with instance

  6. Verify that the IP address was associated with the instance by clicking Services > EC2.

  7. In the left navigation pane, under Instances, click Instances.
    Instance Elastic IP

    Note that the newly acquired elastic up address is now associated with the instance.

See Also

  • For more information on launching instances in AWS, see Launch your instance in the Amazon Web Services documentation.
  • For more information on AWS Elastic IP addresses, see Elastic IP Addresses in the Amazon Web Services documentation.