Create a bucket

The Google cloud environment requires an OVA be uploaded to a bucket.
To upload to a bucket:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Portal.
  2. Click Console.
  3. Navigate to Storage > Storage.
  4. Create a bucket.
    1. Ensure you are in the correct project by selecting the parent project from the Projects dropdown.
    2. Click Create Bucket.
    3. Name the bucket and click Continue. For example oagbucket.
    4. Select an appropriate location type and location and the click Continue.
      For example, Location type of Region and Location of us-east1.
      Example location within a Google Cloud bucket.
    5. Choose Access control level of either Fine grained or Uniform and click Continue.
    6. Click Create.
  1. Login to the Google Cloud
    gcloud auth login
    A browser page will open, enter appropriate credentials and login to the Google Cloud.:
  2. If necessary list all known projects
    gcloud projects list
    which will produce results similar to:
    PROJECT_ID              NAME              PROJECT_NUMBER
    accessgateway accessgateway 840912134923
    . . .
  3. Add a new bucket using the gsutils mb
    gsutil mb -p <project> -c <storage-class> -l <bucket-location> gs://<name>/
    • <name> is the name of the bucket
    • <project_name> is the name of a project from the projects list
    • <storage-class> is a valid storage class identifier
    • <bucket-location> is a valid bucket location identifier.

    For example

    gsutil mb -p accessgateway -c NEARLINE -l us-east1 gs://oagbucket


  • For more information on creating and managing Google buckets see Creating Buckets in the Google Cloud documentation.