Create a VM from image uploaded to a vucket

To create a VM from a OVA loaded into a Google Public Cloud Bucket:

Currently there is no Google Cloud Console mechanism for creating a VM from an imported image. See the command line tab for information on using the Google Cloud command line to create a VM from an OVA image uploaded to a bucket.

Ensure that a compute zone has been set using gscloud config set compute/zone <zone>.
For example:

gcloud config set compute/zone useast-1

Convert the imported OVA into a Google Cloud VM using the gcloud compute instances import <name> --source-uri:<uri-to-ova> --os=centos-7 command.
For example:

gcloud compute instances import oagtwooh --source-uri=gs://oagbucket/oag-2020.1.0-export.ova  --os=centos-7
Which should return results resembling:
WARNING: Importing OVF. This may take 40 minutes for smaller OVFs and up to a couple of hours for larger OVFs.
Created [].
							. . . 


  • For more information on creating and creating VMs see Create and Start VMs in the Google Cloud documentation.