Upload an OVA into a Google Cloud bucket

To upload an OVA into a bucket:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Portal.
  2. Navigate to the console.
  3. Navigate to Storage > Storage.
  4. In the Storage Browser pane click the name of the bucket.
    Google Cloud storage browser with OAG Bucket high lighted.
  5. Click Upload files and navigate to the directory containing the exported OVA file. The file will begin uploading.



    Depending on upload speed the disk upload could take as much as an hour or more.

  1. Upload the exported OVA into a bucket using gsutil cp <file> gs://<bucket>
    • <file> is the fully qualified path to the local file
    • <bucket> is the previously created bucket.

    For example:

    gsutil cp ./oag-2020.1.0-export.ova gs://oagbucket
    Which will return results resembling:
    Copying file://oag-2020.1.0-export.ova [Content-Type=application/octet-stream]
    . . . \ [1 files][ 1.47 GiB/ 1.47 GiB] 556.3 KiB/s Operation completed over 1 objects/1.47 GiB.


  • For more information on creating and managing Google buckets see Creating Buckets in the Google Cloud documentation.