Initialize Access Gateway Console

To initialize the Access Gateway Console:

  1. If not previously added, add a new entry labeled admin to the DNS Server that will access this Access Gateway instance.

    <ipaddress of administration instance> admin

    Important Note


    The admin DNS entry is required for Access Gateway Service Access and should NOT be deleted.

  2. Open a browser and navigate to https://admin/.



    Okta Access Gateway creates a default self-signed certificate which is appropriate for non-production deployments.
    For production deployments, a valid certificate should be installed.

  3. Log in to the Access Gateway Admin UI console with the following credentials:

    Username: admin
    Password: <default-password>
  4. Enter a cookie domain and hostname for the Access Gateway instance, and click Next.

    Setup wizard page 1

    The Setup Complete page displays the domains that were created.

  5. Note The DNS Summary values and click Done.

    Setup wizard page 2

  6. if not previously entered, nter the host names into DNS shown below:

    <IP address of machine> <Gateway Domain> <Gateway admin Domain>
    For example: admin

  7. Return to the Access Gateway browser and re-login using the new admin domain.

  8. After log in you are directed to the Access Gateway Admin Topology page.

    Topology page