Deploy Access Gateway

Deploying Okta Access Gateway on your own hosted solution, or on a cloud-based computing platform (such as AWS), is a simple process. Access Gateway is a high-performance appliance that is installed within your hosting solution of choice and leverages your DNS and networking solutions to protect applications and services. As the Access Gateway leverages your existing solutions, there are specific tasks that must be completed as part of the installation.

Tasks to deploy access gateway in your environment include:

  1. Review all prerequisite tasks, including sizing and capacity planning detailed in Prerequisites for Deploying Access Gateway
  2. Choose an appropriate hosting environment for the Access Gateway virtual appliance. The Okta Access Gateway Supported Technologies describes all supported technologies and VM environments.
  3. Download the latest OVA image and Setup Access Gateway using that OVA image.
  4. Perform required post installation tasks as described in Okta Access Gateway Post Installation.

Next Steps