Okta Access Gateway / Oracle EBS 12.X Single Sign On (SSO) integration.


Okta Access Gateway / Oracle EBS 12.X Single Sign On (SSO) integration.

In a standard EBS OAM SSO integration, EBS administrator must install and configure the Oracle EBS, OID/OUD, OAM in order to acheive the SSO objective. It is expensive, time consuming and has very limited capability to integrate with the modern cloud based identity providers.

Okta has developed the Access Gateway integration platform, which enables existing EBS SSO infrastructure to be quickly and easily be cloud ready. Now the EBS system admin can use any number of market leading identity provider as the IDP, and provide SSO functionality to the existing EBS users.

Deployment Architecture

Here is a typical Access Gateway / EBS SSO integration architecture.

In this deployment scenario shown above, we have eliminated the Oracle Access Manager layer, and replaced it with the Okta Access Gateway and a standard cloud based Identity Provider (that is, OKTA or Oracle IDCS), while maintaining the Oracle EBS AccessGate and Oracle OID as the backend services to facilitate the SSO transaction.

In addition, Okta Access Gateway provides a unique CrossDomain capability for both cloud-based and on-premises EBS infrastructure.

Shown in the diagram above, EBS is depicted as residing in a cloud based hosted environment, with the domain of newicsynergy.com, while the OID/OUD infrastructure resides in the on-premise gateway.info domain. Access Gateway is capable of managing the various EBS, AccessGate and Identity Provider domain cookies, which makes the SSO experience seamless.