Manage application essentials

To manage application attributes:

  1. Navigate to the Access Gateway Admin UI console.
  2. From the Topology tab or the Applications tab open the application.
  3. Select the Settings pane.
  4. Expand the Essentials sub-tab.
  5. Make changes as required and save.

The Essentials pane contains basic information required by all applications.
Depending on the type of application, the Essentials pane may include additional application specific fields.

The Essentials Pane with callouts for the main fields: Label, Public Domain, PostLogin URL and others.

The Essentials pane includes:

Field Description


Label The name of the application. Tile name in Okta Tenant.


Public Domain URL of domain entered by users to gain access to this application. Must be in DNS.


Protected Web Resource

URL of the web resource being protected.


Post Login URL Default URL users will be directed to on successful authentication. Defaults to Public Domain.


Groups Okta Tenant group(s) who are granted access to application.


Description Optional description.