Okta Attributes for Access Gateway

Attributes are used to Access Gateway for authentication, authorization and policy decisions. In addition attributes are passed between Access Gatewayand its protected applications in the form of header, cookie and similar fields. Custom Okta Tenant attributes may be required to integrate or extend applications.

Before you begin

  • You have administrator rights on your Okta tenant and can assign attributes to users



Define a Custom Attribute In Okta

  1. Sign in to your Okta tenant as administrator.
  2. Click Directory > Profile Editor.
  3. Click Profile in the Actions column.
  4. Click + Add Attribute to add a custom attribute that will be used to send header information through the Sample Header Application.
  5. Enter a Display name, for example Gender ,and an appropriate Variable name, again for example gender. Click Save.
  6. Click Directory > People.
  7. Select your account under the Person & Username column.
  8. Click the Profile tab, and click Edit.
  9. Scroll down to the new attribute, in this example Gender, and enter a corresponding value.
  10. Click Save.

Next Steps