Okta Access Gateway Post Installation on AWS


After Okta Access Gateway has been imported into Amazon Web Services, there are a number of post import steps required to complete the process.

  • Launch the Okta Access Gateway appliance in an Amazon EC2 instance
  • Obtain an Elastic IP Address
  • Configure DNS
  • Configure the Gateway
    • Reset the gateway
    • Verify Network Configuration
    • Update SSH and Admin Passwords
    • Configure the Admin UI


  • You’re familiar with AWS S3, EC2, cli, and AMIs commands and concepts.
  • You've previously imported an OAG OVA into AWS. For complete instructions see Setup Access Gateway using Amazon Web Services.

What’s covered in this guide

Launch an Okta Access Gateway Instance in AWS

Next Steps

After Okta Access Gateway has been installed there are a number of common post installation tasks that should be performed.

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