Install Access Gateway Using an OVA Image

The purpose of this guide is to walk through the process of installing the Access Gateway instance from an OVA image.

Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Verification

Note: Okta takes security seriously, the OVA file has been verified through a custom scan before delivery.

Import Process

Import to VMware Workstation Player

  1. Open VMware Workstation Player.

  2. Select Open a Virtual Machine.

    Open a virtual machine file

  3. Browse to the Okta-Access Gateway OVA file, and click Open.

    Select OVA

  4. Enter a name for the virtual machine, and click Import.

    Import selected virtual machine

  5. VMware will start importing the OVA file.


  6. Once the VM has imported, click Play virtual machine to start the VM and open a terminal.

    Play the virtual machine

Import to Oracle VirtualBox

  1. Open Oracle VirtualBox.

  2. Select File > Import Appliance.

    Select import appliance

  3. Click the folder icon to browse to the directory where the OVA file is stored.
    Select the Okta Access Gateway OVA file, and click Open.

    Select Okta Access Gateway OVA

  4. Click Next.

    Click next to import appliance

  5. Specify Name "Access Gateway" and and verify Guest OS Type is set to Red Hat (64-bit).

  6. Select the Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards option, and click Import.

    Specify VM name, and other VM details

  7. VirtualBox will begin the import process.

    Importing appliance

  8. Click Start to start the VM.

    Click start to start VM

Configure Access Gateway

Determine the IP address and modify the host file

To configure the Access Gateway instance, you must add a line to the host file on all machines that need access to this Access Gateway instance.

  1. Log in to the Access Gateway server using these credentials:

    1. Username: oag-mgmt

    2. Password: <OktaMgmt@123>

      We recommend that you change the password after logging in.

  2. Once you are logged in, the system will provide you with several menu options.

  3. Enter 1 to enter the Network menu.


  4. Enter S to display the running network configuration.

    Select s show running configuration

  5. The eth0 section on the next page shows the IP address of the server. Make note of this IP address, as it will be used later in this guide.

    Determine IPv4 address

  6. Keep pressing Enter until you are back to the Network menu.

  7. Press X to exit the Network menu, and press X again to exit the UI.

  8. Add a line to the host file on the machine running the VM as shown in the example below. Use the IP address you collected above.

    <ipaddress of Access Gateway instance> adminAn abbreviation of administrator. This is the individual(s) who have access to the Okta Administrator Dashboard. They control the provisioning and deprovisioning of end users, the assigning of apps, the resetting of passwords, and the overall end user experience. Only administrators have the Administration button on the upper right side of the My Applications page.

Next Steps

Post-installation configuration

  • Follow the steps in Set up Access Gateway Admin Console for more details.

Add an IDP to the Access Gateway

Add an application to Access Gateway

Monitor logs, restart services, and edit the hosts file