Configure a team for silent enrollment

To configure an Advanced Server Access team for silent enrollment:

  1. Sign in to your Advanced Server Access dashboard as an admin.
  2. Click Clients.
  3. Click Enrollment Policies.
  4. Click Create Client Enrollment Policy.
  5. Select Token from the Enrollment Policy Type drop-down box.
  6. Enter "Silent enrollment" in the Description section.
  7. Click Create Client Enrollment Policy. The enrollment policy is created and its details page appears.
  8. Click Create Token. A page appears that displays the token ID and secret.
  9. Click the clipboard Clipboard icon to copy the token secret.
  10. Open a location to store the secret (for example, a document or a vault application) and paste and save the secret.

Note: This is the only time that you'll see this token secret. If you fail to store the secret in a safe location, it will be lost forever.

Next steps

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