Create a robust bastion architecture for your Advanced Server Access team

Setting up Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enables end-users to access windows-specific servers using an RDP clientEssentially, a client is anything that talks to the Okta service. Within the traditional client-server model, Okta is the server. The client might be an agent, an Okta mobile app, or a browser plugin. . SSH is a secure shell that allows direct access to the command prompt, while RDP uses a GUI to enable full access to your team's windows server.

End users

After installation, you can access your team's servers with RDP using any generated link provided by administrators.


For Mac OS or Linux:

Install the bundled software that ScaleFT offers for Advanced Server Access here.


For Windows:

Microsoft offers RDP functionality through a free application called Microsoft Remote Desktop, found on their App Store.


To give your users access to windows servers through RDP, administrators can create a URL Handler link for their groupsGroups allow you to organize your end users and the apps they can access. Assigning apps to large sets of end users is made easier with groups. or have them run sft rdp <server>. Learn how to create an URL handler for RDP URL handler.

If you wish to enable your users to connect a Linux server such as Ubuntu or Debian, use SSH.