Set up port forwarding with Advanced Server Access

Admins can configure multiple tools and services to be used within an Advanced Server Access team through port forwarding, which is a method of specifying ports on a target server to allow use of any services needed within your teams. Using ProxyCommand, Advanced Server Access further simplifies this process by using bastions in your team's network automatically when port forwarding commands are run. This means that Advanced Server Access Admins can use the same commands that are traditionally used for port forwarding while enforcing a robust bastion architecture.

Use the following guides as an example of how to port forward with Advanced Server Access to use your own services and tools.

Create an SSH tunnel between a local workstation and a target server

The following command should configure an SSH tunnel between your local workstation and target server through Port 3000.

ssh -L 3000:<target-server>:3000 <target-server>

Connect to the administration web interface of a Jenkins server

The following command should configure an SSH tunnel to work from your Jenkins server to your workstation through port 8080, simulating a local connection between the two.

ssh -L 8080:<jenkins-server>:8080 <jenkins-server>

Set up port forwarding for MySQL remote access using PuTTY

Note: Before beginning, make sure that you've installed MySQL and PuTTY on your device and set to its default settings.

If you want to learn how to download and install PuTTY, click here.

Configure an SSH tunnel

  1. Open the PuTTY application

  2. In the Host Name text bar, enter your bastion's IP address

  3. In the left hand menu, navigate to the Tunnels menu by clicking on Connection, SSH, and then Tunnels

  4. Becuase the port number for MySQL database server connections is 3306, fill in the Source Port text bar with this number.

  5. Fill in the Destination field with

  6. Once you've finished the instructions listed above, press Open to SSH into your target server. You will be given a warning if this is your first time port forwarding into this target server with PuTTY. Press Yes after confirming that the server listed in the warning is your desired target.