Access Request Workflow

The Access Request Workflow feature is a complete, multi-step approval workflow through which end users can request access to apps. Admins can designate approvers to grant users access for self-service applications.

This feature enhances the Okta provisioning solution, which typically is used by IT teams to automate account provisioning and SSO access for users on their first day of employment. Later, users need access to job-specific applications that are often beyond an IT team's purview. The Access Request Workflow feature allows business application owners — rather than IT — to grant users access to apps and assign entitlements in apps that require them.

Use Access Request Workflow to:

  • Designate group and individual approvers
  • Create customize notifications
  • Add comments and notes
  • Configure customizable timeout rules

You can do all of this from the Admin Console. No programming or configuration files are required.