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Configure Microsoft Office 365 GCC or GCC High Tenant in Okta

US government customers and their contractors can add their Microsoft Office 365 GCC or GCC High tenant in Okta. Okta securely connects the Office 365 tenant to appropriate Office 365 endpoints and takes care of the back-end workflow.

When configuring an Office 365 tenant in Okta, you will have the following options for tenant type:

  • Office 365 Worldwide (+GCC): For customers using regular or GCC Office 365 tenant. This is the default option.
  • Office 365 US Government with GCC high: For customers using US Government GCC High Office 365 tenant.


  • Okta doesn't validate the tenant type. Ensure you have selected right tenant type for for your tenant. If you are unsure of your tenant type, please select the default option.
  • Before installing any Office 365 tenant in Okta, refer to Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide (link) for prerequisites.



  • Add Microsoft Office 365 from Applications > Add Application.
  • On the General Settings tab, select
    • Tenant Type: Office 365 Worldwide (+GCC) OR
    • Tenant Type: Office 365 US Government with GCC High.
  • Follow the instructions for setting up a regular Office 365 tenant as described in the Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide.


  • Not all Microsoft Apps are currently supported. For more information, see Related Topics.
  • Office 365 US Government DoD tenants are not currently supported.

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