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Federate Multiple Office 365 Domains in Single App Instance

You can federate multiple Microsoft Office 365 domains within a single Office 365 appAn abbreviation of application. Essentially, it is a web-based site used to perform any number of specific tasks, and requires authentication from end users by signing in. instance in Okta. This eliminates the need to configure a separate Office 365 app instance for each Office 365 domainA domain is an attribute of an Okta organization. Okta uses a fully-qualified domain name, meaning it always includes the top-level domain (.com, .eu, etc.), but does not include the protocol (https)..



You can let Okta automatically configure Office 365 domains using WS-Federation or use PowerShell to configure the domains manually.

Automatically set up WS-Federation

Manually set up WS-Federation

  • In Office 365 application instance, open Sign On > Settings in Edit mode.

  • In Sign On Methods, select WS-Federation.
  • Select I want to configure WS-Federation myself using PowerShell.
  • Click on View Setup Instructions. Procedure to configure Office 365 WS-Federation will open.
  • Follow the steps for Configure your domain in the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell. Repeat for each domain you want to configure.
  • Back on the Sign On tab, click Save.

Validate domains

  • Sign in to Okta as an end-user.
  • Access Office 365 through your dashboard chiclet.
  • Ensure you can log in successfully.
  • Repeat these steps for all federated Office 365 domains.


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