Configure custom end-user portals to use the Okta Browser Plugin

You can configure the Okta browser plugin to behave on your custom end user portal exactly as it behaves in the Okta end user dashboard. When configured, the plugin does the following:

  • The plugin informs the custom portal that it (the plugin) is present. You can configure your custom portal to detect when the plugin is not installed, and then display a banner prompting end users to install the plugin.
  • The plugin makes the Closedfollowing API calls to the Okta server to update its state:
    • /api/plugin/2/sites
    • Retrieves information about the list of sites on your custom end user portal (useful for SSO scenarios).

    • /api/v1/users/me/home/tabs
    • Retrieves information about the location of tabs and apps on the portal in order to construct the Your Apps menu that displays when end users click the blue plugin icon. ClosedScreenshot

    • /api/internal/enduser/home
    • Retrieves information about the currently logged-in user such as the plugin settings that are enabled.

    • /api/plugin/2/hashed-self-service-sites
    • Retrieves information useful for adding apps on-the-fly.