Admin Experience Redesign

The new Admin Console offers an enhanced, modernized user experience (UX) with a more responsive navigation. The Admin Dashboard has also been upgraded to allow you to better monitor your orgs.

What’s changed?

UX changes

The navigation options have moved from the top bar to a navigation panel on the side. However, the options are the same as before. Additionally, when you select an option, the option is highlighted. You can also collapse and expand the top bar and the navigation panel as required.

Now, the top bar contains these items:

  • Help: Provides links to Help documentation, Developer documentation, and Trainings.
  • App Switcher: Lists all your Okta apps. You can switch between the Admin Console and your Okta apps.
  • Your org profile options


Super admins can disable Admin Experience Redesign by clicking Return to the old experience from the new Admin Dashboard.

Admin Dashboard changes

The new Admin Dashboard provides an improved overview of your Okta org, with an emphasis on task-based solutions to address common issues.

After enabling the Admin Experience Redesign feature flag, you can use the new Admin Dashboard as a map of the Admin Console and as an index of administrative best practices. You can also do the following tasks:

Task Description
View your org at a glance

The number of active users, groups, and SSO apps in your org and a summary of org changes by all admins.

View your org agents' status The operational status of org agents.
View Okta service status The operational status of Okta's service.
Monitor your tasks The issues in your org that require attention.
Monitor your org's security Your org’s metrics and user-reported suspicious activity metrics.

The legacy Admin Dashboard provided notifications when imports paused or failed. You can view details about imports on the Imports Monitoring Dashboard. See View the Import Monitoring dashboard.