For SharePoint 2010 only: Import security certificate to Trusted Root Certificate Authority

If you are using SharePoint 2010, use the following instructions to import security certificate to Trusted Root Certificate Authority.

Begin this task

  1. Go to Certificate for Microsoft SharePoint On-Premise Deployment and download the certificate oktarootcert.cer. This is a customer-only link.
  2. From SharePoint Central Administration Console, select Security > Manage Trust.

  3. In the ribbon interface, go to the Trust Relationships tab > Manage > New.

  4. Provide the Okta root certificate as the name.
  5. Go to the Root Certificate for trust relationship > Browse. Browse to the certificate file oktarootcert.cer.

  6. Click the OK button.

    The certificate is imported to the SharePoint trusted root authority.

  7. Restart IIS and test the People Picker functionality.
  8. Get all certificates in the Okta certificate chain and repeat steps 2-7 above.
  9. Save the certificate.

    1. Open the certificate.
    2. Select Certificate Path and choose a certificate from the trust chain.
    3. Click on View Certificate.
    4. On the open Certificate, click the Details tab, then Copy to File.
    5. Click on Next.
    6. Choose .CER format, then Next to save this certificate.