Available Directory integrations

For most companies, Active Directory (AD) or LDAP and play the central role in coordinating identity and access management policies. Directory integration typically serves as a "source of truth" for user identities, and it provides access control to on-premises resources such as networks, file servers, and web applications. A byproduct of the transition to cloud applications is the proliferation of separate user stores; each cloud application typically is rolled out independently and therefore has its own unique database of user credentials.

Okta's cloud-based identity and access management service solves these problems with a single integration point that provides a highly available solution for all cloud and web-based application Active Directory integrations.

For installing and configuring your directory integrations, see these topics:

Active Directory

Install and Configure the Okta IWA Web App for Desktop SSO — Enable Single Sign On (SSO).

Configure Agentless Desktop SSO — Enable SSO without the IWA agent.

Install and Configure the Okta Java LDAP Agent — Integrate with LDAP.

Install and Configure the Active Directory Password Sync Agent

Connecting to Okta using the LDAP Interface — Connect applications to Universal Directory using LDAP protocols.