Reset user passwords

You can reset user passwords for an individual end user whose account is currently in an Active state, or for multiple end usersIn Okta literature, we generally refer to "end users" as the people who have their own Okta home page (My Applications), using chiclets to authenticate into all of their apps. End users do not have any administrative control. When we refer to "users" we are generally referring to the individual(s) who have administrative control. whose accounts are currently in a Locked Out state. You can also enable end users to reset their own password.

Reset an individual user password

This feature is Generally AvailableGenerally Available features are available to all orgs automatically according to each customer's SKU. You don’t need to enable them in the console or contact Okta Support. for orgs using Active Directory. This is an Early AccessEarly Access (EA) features are opt-in features that you can try out in your org by asking Okta Support to enable them. Additionally, the Features page in the Okta Admin Console (Settings > Features) allows Super Admins to enable and disable some EA features themselves. feature for orgs using LDAP.

To reset an active individual end user's password:

  1. On the People page, click the user whose password needs to be reset.
  2. Click the Reset Password button at the top of the page.
  3. In the window that appears, click
    • the Reset Password Link button to send the user an Account Password Reset email containing a password reset link
      – or –
    • the Temporary Password button to generate a random password that you can provide to the end user. The end user must change the temporary password upon sign in. Note that the end user's status is set to Expired until the temporary password is changed.

Orgs using Active Directory also have the option to reset multiple end user passwords at once.

Note: This feature is not available for LDAP.

Reset multiple user passwords

This feature is free in the United States and Canada. International orgs should contact Customer Support before enabling SMS.

  1. On the People page, click Reset Passwords.
  2. On the Reset Passwords page, select the users whose passwords you'd like to reset.
  3. Click Reset Password.

An Account Password Reset email is sent to the specified email addresses. It includes an auto-generated password.