LDAP integration workflow

A workflow is a collection of tasks that you complete in sequence to integrate your LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a lightweight client-server protocol for accessing directory services, specifically X.500-based directory services. LDAP runs over TCP/IP or other connection oriented transfer services. instance with Okta. The tasks that you complete are listed in the following table.

Task Description Related Topic(s)

Plan your LDAP integration

To avoid complications, review the prerequisites and known issues.

Get started with LDAP integration

Install and configure the Okta LDAP agentA software agent is a lightweight program that runs as a service outside of Okta. It is typically installed behind a firewall and allows Okta to tunnel communication between an on-premises service and Okta's cloud service. Okta employs several agent types: Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS, RSA, Active Directory Password Sync, and IWA. For example, users can install multiple Active Directory agents to ensure that the integration is robust and highly available across geographic locations. Install and configure the Okta LDAP agent on the host server. Install and configure the Okta LDAP agent
Manage provisioning, import, and integration settings As the needs of your orgThe Okta container that represents a real-world organization. change, manage LDAP provisioning, import, and integration settings to specify how and when user accounts are imported into Okta. Manage your LDAP integration