Okta Mobility Management End-User Setup


About Okta Mobility Management

  • The OMM menu is available only to orgs that implement Okta Mobility Management (OMM).
  • Operations documented in this article are available only to customers who have already purchased OMM for their organization. New OMM sales are not supported. For more information, contact Okta Support.


The Okta Mobility Management (OMM) program secures your mobile device and configures it to access your work email, calendar, contacts, and applications. During enrollment you are prompted to set a PIN or password on your mobile device. The Okta policy allows for a 4-digit pin.

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Your privacy is very important to Okta. Corporate data is protected while your personal data remains separate and not accessible to your organization. We only manage information that is required to secure and protect corporate data.

The following list shows what we can and cannot manage:

What OMM Can See What OMM Cannot See
Device Name Personal Mail, Calendars, and Contacts
*Phone Number SMS or Text Messages
Serial Number Browser History
Model Name and Number FaceTime or Phone Call Logs
Capacity and Space Available Personal Reminders and Notes
OS Version Number Frequency of All Use
**Names of Installed Apps Device Location

*As derived from company directories, not from the phone.

**For personal apps, OMM can only see the names, but none of the content of the apps.

Okta Mobility Management can deprovision only your work accounts and work applications, and only in accord with a special request with IT. If your device is stolen, you can factory-reset it to erase all of its contents. Note that your IT department can also factory-reset your device.

The following procedures assume that you are currently an Okta user and assigned to a group that includes a mobile policy.

Adding New Apps to your Device

When a new app is made available for you, that app automatically appears in the Mobile Apps Store on your device. Click INSTALL to install.

Note that you can uninstall a managed app at any time. Okta Mobility Management does not prevent them from doing so.