Okta Mobile Settings

Changes to Okta Mobile security settings may take up to 24 hours to be applied to all the eligible end usersEnd users who have installed a version of Okta Mobile that supports these Early Access security settings. in your org and for Okta to prompt those end users to update their PIN. Screenshot


Navigate to Security > General > Okta Mobile to configure the following:

PIN length

Specify the required number of digits for the PIN.

Allow simple PIN

Select to permit the use of repeating, ascending, and descending numeric sequences (such as 1111, 1234, 4321, etc.).

Ask for PIN when user is inactive for

Specify how long users can be inactive before they are prompted to enter a PIN.
PIN expires after Specify how long the PIN is valid before it expires.
Screen preview/capture (Android only) When this option is selected, Android device users cannot take screenshots, record videos, or share their screen from within Okta Mobile (other apps are not affected). Requires Okta Mobile 3.8.0+ for Android. For iOS device users, this option has no effect.
Sign on to SAML apps (iOS only) This iOS-specific option allows access to SAML apps in iOS Safari using an iOS Safari extension.


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