Okta Verify for End Users

Okta Verify is a mobile app that verifies your identity when you sign in to your organization's apps managed by Okta. If your company uses Okta Verify as a required multifactor authentication method, you are prompted to enroll to Okta Verify next time you sign in to Okta.

After you install the app on your device, you can verify your identity by approving an Okta Verify push notification or by using a one-time code generated by the app. Confirming your identity allows Okta to sign you in to your account securely.

Don't know your username? Your Okta username is created for you by your admin. Most new Okta users receive a Welcome email from Okta which contains their username and a link allowing them to create a password and activate their account. If you didn't receive a Welcome email, contact your administrator.


Questions about a secret key? A secret key allows you to enroll (or reset) your device into Okta Verify in cases where you're unable to scan a QR code. To learn more, see Enroll your device without scanning a QR code.

Download Okta Verify

Apple App Store or Google Play

New users: Set up Okta Verify

Enroll devices, scan the QR code, get a secret key.

Existing users: Reset your current Okta Verify enrollment

Reset Okta Verify on your current device if you use it already, or enroll a new device.

Sign in to Okta Verify

Authenticate and sign in to your account.

Manage accounts

Add, rename, reorder, delete accounts.

Okta Verify FAQ

Need help? Find some answers here.

Contact Okta Support

Still stuck?  Need help troubleshooting?

Set up Okta Verify: Video Tutorial

New user? Watch our tutorial on how to set up Okta Verify for the first time.



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