Add a user manually

If your orgThe Okta container that represents a real-world organization. is small, you can add users manually as they join your org.

  1. On the Okta AdminAn abbreviation of administrator. This is the individual(s) who have access to the Okta Administrator Dashboard. They control the provisioning and deprovisioning of end users, the assigning of apps, the resetting of passwords, and the overall end user experience. Only administrators have the Administration button on the upper right side of the My Applications page. Console, go to Directory > People.

  2. Click Add Person.

  3. In the Add Person dialog box, complete these fields:

    • User type: Select the user type for the user. The user type determines the user's profile attributes and what policies apply to the user.
    • First name: Enter the user's first name.
    • Username: Enter the user's email address.
    • Primary email: Accept the auto completed entry, or enter a new email address for the user.
    • Secondary email: Optional. Enter a secondary email address for the user.
    • GroupsGroups allow you to organize your end users and the apps they can access. Assigning apps to large sets of end users is made easier with groups.: Optional. Enter the assigned groups for the user.
    • Password: Select Set by admin and enter a password in the field.
    • User must change password on first login: Clear the check box if you don't want the user to change the password.
  4. Click Save.

  5. Send the user the password.