On-premises provisioning prerequisites



  • Implementing on-premises provisioning is only officially supported by Okta when performed by Okta Professional Services. For more information on how Okta can implement on-premises provisioning for you, contact Okta Professional Services.

These are the prerequisites for implementing Okta on-premises provisioning:

  • A SCIM server to process the provisioning requests sent by the Okta Provisioning Agent. The SCIM server can be the connector you build using the Okta Provisioning Connector SDK or your own program than can process SCIM-based REST calls.

The Okta Provisioning Connector SDK package contains an example connector that you can use to test on-premises provisioning and to help you build your own connectors. Do not attempt to use the example connector without modifying it for your deployment.

  • The Okta Provisioning Agent installed on a Windows or Linux server.
  • The Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.2 protocol for Linux and Windows.
  • For high availability on-premises provisioning, install an additional Okta Provisioning Agent and SCIM connector on another server. Start the Okta Provisioning Agent, configure your SCIM connector, and enable provisioning on your backup server. If your primary server is unavailable, the Okta Provisioning Agent and the processes run by your SCIM connector continue to operate.