Okta Access Gateway Release Notes

Okta Access Gateway GA

Latest version: 2021.01.0
Deployment date: 1-19-2021

via Admin Console (Settings > Downloads)

Release Summary

Okta Access Gateway 2021.01.0 is now Generally Available. This release includes new features, bug fixes, and updated documentation.




  • OKTA-327549 - When a certificate previously associated with an application was deleted on the Access Gateway Management console and application changes were later made on the Access Gateway Admin UI console, user requests for the original application returned Unknown Host.
  • OKTA-329724 - When Browser Session Expiration was enabled on the Access Gateway Admin UI console and the browser session had not expired but reached either idle or maximum session limit, users were unexpectedly redirected to the No session / Session Expired link.
  • OKTA-351762 - On CentOS8, the Access Gateway Management console sometimes displayed subject information for certificate issuer instead of certificate name.

Release History