Okta Access Gateway Release Notes

Okta Access Gateway GA

Latest version: 2020.10.5
Deployment date: 10-12-2020

via Admin Console (Settings > Downloads)

Release Summary

Okta Access Gateway 2020.10.5 is now Generally Available. This release includes bug fixes, and both new and updated documentation.

Important updates
  • The operating system that powers Access Gateway has been updated to take advantage of the more modern capabilities, security features, and performance benefits. Customers should not expect any visible differences and are not required to upgrade at this time. Please note, in late 2021 we expect to stop supporting older OS versions.
    For details on how to upgrade now, see Update Access Gateway OS



  • OKTA-324582 - When adding or modifying applications, valid IP addresses entered in the Public Domain field failed validation with Invalid domain format errors.

Release History