Okta Access Gateway Release Notes

Okta Access Gateway GA

Latest version: 2020.7.1
Deployment date: 7-7-2020

via Admin Console (Settings > Downloads)

Release Summary

Okta Access Gateway 2020.7.1 is now Generally Available. This release includes new features, bug fixes, and both new and updated documentation.




  • OKTA-270300 - In some situations, the Access Gateway Management console didn’t accurately reflect the latest updates.
  • OKTA-270924 - After upgrading to the latest version of Okta Access Gateway, the child menu elements in the Access Gateway Management console still displayed the previous version number.
  • OKTA-294411 - After restoring from a previous backup to a new instance of Okta Access Gateway, the Access Gateway Admin UI console displayed an error message “Admin UI has invalid token.
  • OKTA-297153 - Attributes weren't correctly persisted to LDAP data stores during concurrent updates.
  • OKTA-303208 - During upgrades benign errors were displayed.
  • OKTA-303956 - When using the Access Gateway Management console, admins were able to enter invalid DNS entries.
  • OKTA-304058 - When checking advanced policy during a session timeout where a session integrity check failed, an incorrect error code was returned.
  • OKTA-306020 - After upgrading from Access Gateway 2020.1.0 to 2020.6.3, Admins were unable to login to the Access Gateway Admin UI console. This also happened when upgrading from 2019.4.2 and 2019.4.5 to 2020.6.3.
  • OKTA-309427 - The default Access Gateway error page had a typo.

Okta Access Gateway EA

See the Okta Access Gateway 2019.2.0 EA release history for complete details.

Release History