Manage Early Access Features

Super Admins can enable some Early Access (EA) features for your orgThe Okta container that represents a real-world organization. without needing to ask Okta Support to enable the feature for you (assuming your org is eligible for the feature). For each EA feature, a banner appears in Okta online help to indicate whether the feature can be enabled by Super Admins or Okta Support.

Note: Features that must be enabled by Okta Support typically require additional configuration not possible through this self-service option.

You can disable the Early Access features you've enabled by deselecting them in Settings > Features. EA features that you disable are re-enabled by Okta automatically when the feature becomes Generally AvailableGenerally Available features are available to all orgs automatically according to each customer's SKU. You don’t need to enable them in the console or contact Okta Support..

You can also track availability of EA features on the Product Roadmap available in the Okta Help Center.