RADIUS applications in Okta

Okta RADIUS support can distinguish between different RADIUS-enabled apps and support them concurrently by setting up an Okta RADIUS app for each configuration. Additionally, the Okta RADIUS application supports policy creation and assignment of the application to groups.

RADIUS-enabled apps are easy to manage, as Admins can manage all of these apps and infrastructure configurations from the Okta Admin Console.

Prerequisite: To use the Okta RADIUS application, you must install the Okta RADIUS agent v. 2.5.0 or later. As this is an early-access feature, ask Okta Support for the new agent when you request the feature.

To obtain the agent, navigate to Settings > Downloads and select the Download link next to the RADIUS application.

Okta RADIUS App Features

There are three limitations on the Okta RADIUS application.

  1. The RADIUS port and shared secret are captured from the Okta Admin Console through any configured RADIUS applications or VPNs. Any information entered from prompts from the RADIUS agent is available if an org enables the feature after the information is entered.
  2. WiFi infrastructure is not supported.
  3. The RADIUS agent only supports PAP-based authentication. No other protocols are supported.

The following steps descibe how to upgrade the agent and add a RADIUS application: