Access the Security menu in the admin console for the following security settings:

  • GeneralSet email notifications to end users, enable sign-on options, configure ThreatInsight, and set mobile PIN settings.
  • HealthInsightConfigure recommended security settings to improve the security posture of your org.
  • AuthenticationDefine policies for directory and authentication management options.
  • MultifactorConfigure Multifactor Authentication (MFA) at the organization and app level.
  • Identity ProvidersConfigure how external identity providers interact with Okta.
  • Delegated AuthenticationDirectory and authentication management options.
  • Networks Configure your network perimeter to secure access and block unwanted IPs.
  • Behavior DetectionRequire additional authentication for high-risk behavior based on sign-in data from end users.
  • Device TrustProtect sensitive data by allowing managed devices to access applications.
  • AdministratorsSet admin permissions to access various settings in the admin console.
  • APIManage and create Okta API tokens and add Origin URLs.


For more information on how Okta approaches security, see Security at Okta.