Report admin role

The report admin role grants read-only access to all reports and to System Log. Because report admins do not have edit access to any data, this role is suitable for auditors who only need to view System Log events or download reports. These are the only two menu items that are available to them in Admin Console.

This role can be combined with other roles to grant a wider scope of privileges. For example, the user is granted the report admin role and group admin access that is scoped to a particular group. In this case, the admin would be able to view all reports and System Log events, but only drill down into details for the group or users they have permission to administer.

By default, report admins will not receive any of the admin emails. They can opt to receive any of the admin emails in Settings > Account.

Only super admins can create admin users or grant admin privileges to existing users or groups. To assign the report admin role, see Grant admin privileges. For details on viewing reports and the System Log, see Reports and System Log