Report Admin role

Only Super admins can create adminAn abbreviation of administrator. This is the individual(s) who have access to the Okta Administrator Dashboard. They control the provisioning and deprovisioning of end users, the assigning of apps, the resetting of passwords, and the overall end user experience. Only administrators have the Administration button on the upper right side of the My Applications page. users or grant admin privileges to existing users or groupsGroups allow you to organize your end users and the apps they can access. Assigning apps to large sets of end users is made easier with groups..

The Report admin role grants a user read-only access to all reports and System Log. This role would be suitable for an auditor for example, who only needs to view or download reports, or view System Log events. These are the only two menu items the admin will see in the Admin console. Report admins do not have edit access to any data.

This role can be combined with other roles to grant a wider scopeA scope is an indication by the client that it wants to access some resource. of privileges. For example, the user is granted the Report admin role and Group adminThe Group Administrator role stands apart from the other admin roles because it allows for increased administrative control. While this role performs mainly user-related tasks (create users, deactivate users, reset passwords, etc.), it can also be used restrict these tasks to a select group or groups of Okta users. In essence, you can “delegate” permissions to a particular admin to manage a specific group. access that is scoped to a particular group. In this case, the admin would be able to view all reports and System Log events, but only drill down into details for the group or users they have permission to administer.

By default, Report admins will not receive any of the admin emails. They can opt to receive any of the admin emails in Settings > Account.

To assign the Report admin role, see Grant admin privileges. For details on viewing reports and the System Log, see Reports and System Log