Add a Network Zone to sign in policies

Add a Network Zone to sign-in policies to manage network access.

To add a Network Zone to sign-in policies:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Security > Authentication.
  2. Enter rules for sign-on policies based on a specified Network Zone:
    • If a User is located: Select one of the following: Anywhere, In zone, or Not in zone.
    • If you check All Zones, all of your defined zones are selected, and the box below it is no longer visible.
    • Choose any number of zones. The following example shows a search for all zones that contain the letter t. In this case, only one zone is found. You still must select it to make it active.



If you do not check All Zones, you will need to type a zone name in the Zones dialog box. A drop-down list appears that contains all existing zones that contain the text you entered anywhere in the zone name.